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Learning the Lesson of Letting Go

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

As things continue to shift in MAJOR ways, growing, learning and expanding understanding through countless new experiences in my own CRAZY journey....

The biggest lesson of them all?? LET IT GO. SURRENDER.

Stop resisting the changes. TRUST that the Universe truly DOES have our backs, and most when it feels like it doesn't.

As one who KNOWS the infinite power of the law of attraction and the clear evidence of the fact that what we think and believe is EXACTLY what we create and receive, I also know the power of the OLD thoughts, beliefs, doubts, fears and STORIES that attempt at full force to keep you from what you desire.

These stories that replay all the ☑️ times we were told we were not good enough, not worthy enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, just NOT ENOUGH PERIOD ☑️ the countless "mistakes" made in a space of inexperience and not knowing, yet how else can we really learn except BY EXPERIENCE? ☑️ the moment someone walks out of our lives when all you want is so much for them to stay...abandonment is a superficial yet deep seeded fear so many of us have which is linked to ATTACHMENT by the ego.

So true, nothing really belongs to us except ourselves.

This is why I have been on my own self love empowerment journey for years. I have come to realize it began much longer than when I was guided to step into Empowerment Experiences just over a year and half ago.

I have been learning how to love and empower myself from childhood as I was presented with countless opportunities to shift my own thoughts and beliefs about myself.

Even I can see where I have devalued my own acquisition of the wisdom I possess. I paid so often with the very essence of my being that I must be impressed with my current reality as compared to those of my past.

Even as it APPEARS all my hopes and dreams are falling away with the energies of this black moon.

I know how true it is that WE CHOOSE the meaning we give to things.

The time has come for me to stop giving away so much of myself - - to focus more on me as I set an even better example to the rest of you amazing goddesses also on this path of ultimate self love.

You see, when you are sacrificing your energy for ANYBODY else, soon you will run empty and all your efforts will seem moot.

Yet, I say to you, it is all divine. When you discover you have given more to the rest of the world and left yourself depleted, exhausted and feeling defeated, this is is a GIFT of the awareness that now is the time to put YOU first.

That now is the time to learn to put yourself first OFTEN for if you have a FULL and overflowing cup, you have so much more to offer and GIVE.

Imagine what you bring when your cup is not so full....

So, this responsibility is ALL YOURS, just as mine is all mine.

Plug up the energetic leaks you are allowing by sacrificing yourself to those around you. Show up restored, replenished and fully empowered, see what a difference this makes in your life.

I know I'm stepping into this power.

Who's coming with me?

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