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Affirmations are vital to reprogramming your mind
and body to KNOW truths that empower and align you with your desires rather than continue allowing the sabotaging beliefs and subconscious programming
to further perpetuate and keep you stuck in
what you do not desire.

Through repetition, embodiment practices and intentional aligned action, you are GUARANTEED
to achieve the results you desire.

Those are the primary keys to fully discovering all of your power with and within these tools presented you to assist in not only navigating this twin flame self love empowerment journey, but to rise, thrive and FLY on it!

I personally have used affirmations to achieve something as massively mind-blowing as a trip STARTING FROM NOTHING to India and back in LESS THAN 90 DAYS! By "nothing", I mean no passport or funds allocated for such an adventure.

Yet, I DID IT.

And I used my own amateur custom created MP3 of all
self love empowerment affirmations to get me there.

Now, with a more professional setup, I'm excited 
to be able to support you in this transformation journey to be aligning and embodying the TRUE you with PERFECTLY ALIGNED affirmations for
YOUR desired outcome!

Created such that I speak the affirmation then
allow for ample space for you to speak it!
Even if you're unable to say it out loud yet are tuning your Self through your earphones and able to THINK it,
you are STILL retraining your brain to think and

believe what you WANT it to think and believe!!









Through this co-created empowerment experience,
you get to choose and customize upwards 
of 20 - 40 affirmations -- out of nearly 200 suggestions offered! -- that I will personally record and edit into

an MP3 that's either three or five minutes long.

They will flow and correspond with each other so

you stay in flow for as long as you desire to be practicing the embodiment of True You.

Certain audio effects shall be added for

better blending with the music....

WHICH you have NINE options to choose from!!

"What you think and believe is
what you create and receive"
"What you think and believe is
what you create and receive"

~ Rachelle Richard



When you purchase a Custom Affirmation Station

option in the Shop, you will immediately receive

a multi-page download with instructions and

packed with nearly 200 affirmations you may

choose from, alter or create your own.

You choose and customize the affirmations.

You can create and add your own, too!

When you type into an email your list of affirmations

(there is a powerful reason you do this for yourself!)

and send it to me, make sure to include your song selection for the background music.

Select which of the NINE music options

you would like for the background.

You will receive a confirmation email

FROM ME PERSONALLY within 48 hours

from when you email your selected affirmations

after which the creation of your station will begin.

If any affirmations need adjusting to ensure

the outcome you are seeking, I will make such adjustments and send for your approval.


I will then record, edit and create for you

the most aligned affirmation station for

embodying the life you are creating.

Please allow 3-5 business days for your

CUSTOM station to be completed once

confirmation of your selections has been finalized.

Upon completion, you will be emailed the

private link to download the MP3 directly.

When finished, a link to directly download

your MP3 will be emailed to you!


Your Custom Affirmation Station will be approximately

3 or 5 minutes long and able to perfectly flow

on repeat so you can reprogram your mind

into alignment with creating the life you desire!


Music Selections:

1 - Amazing (LC)

2 - Deep Into Nature (MoW)

3 - Forgotten Place (LC)

4 - Inspire (LC)

5 - Space (LC)

6 - Upbeat Morning (LC)

7 - Our Peaceful Ocean (MoW)

8 - Inner Calling (MoW)

9 - Upbeat Inspiration (LC)


For any inquiries, please message me through my

Contact page and I'll respond as quickly as I can.




(LC) is musical artist Liborio Conti who offers his beautiful music

COPYRIGHT and ROYALTY FREE for personal AND commercial use.

(MoW) is which also offers beautiful music for personal and

commercial use with specific limitations consisting of creating OVER the music.
(Subliminals are 
NOT permitted yet affirmations and guided meditations ARE.)

Recently discovered Ask-firmations are affirmations presented in the form of questions intending to circumvent the resistance within when you are not yet knowing and embodying what you're speaking.

While the download list of nearly 200 affirmations does not include them in the form of "Ask-firmations", you may simply request in your chosen list reply email to have them presented as QUESTIONS that will begin accordingly with either "Wouldn't it be nice if...", "What if..." or "Why..."

Examples soon to come!
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