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Going Through the Shit to the Shift

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

I love to write. Or, more clearly, I used to love to write so much as a teenager, until the time came when my mother read my diary then used my words against me after she'd already told me I couldn't make a living being good at writing. (Wow, was she ever wrong on that one.)

Unfortunately, it fucking stuck. Then became amplified over time. And has plagued me officially for DECADES until only recently being required by my new branding coach to write out my life story.

Holy fuck, was that excruciating. Took me three months to get through it. All the shit my mind wanted to use to cause me to procrastinate and experience meltdowns was painful AF. Shedding so much light on all the dimming I had been doing to the light within me.

Even still, as I'm writing this, I have been experiencing so much shadow shit, especially connected with my twin flame. SO MUCH coming up to be shifted and healed that I've held on to for so long...especially about men and this whole "being a mistake" thing that's followed me for decades.

I know it is a victim perspective when my mind says such things as:

"My life was perfectly on course before him."

"I didn't need to meet him or go to India or love him."

It has been challenging AF to transform into the me I have discovered lurking beneath the surface, only making appearance in rare fleeting moments. The me you see now being expressed through all my online platforms.