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True change begins when we CHOOSE to truly change

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

This past weekend was my first trip since flying around the world to meet my twin flame in person in Goa, India more than 18 months ago. Only this time it was a short yet stunning 3 hour drive up into the mountains of Pinetop, Arizona rather than a 30 hour flight plan to the other side of the world.

It has been so easy to get caught up in the chaos and madness of the current state of the world which in turn, only amplifies our own inner chaos and madness…especially as a sensitive intuitive Empath/Starseed. Thus, why it is vital to be taking all the time necessary to reconnect with nature and Self.

All three mornings I was up early for a 5 mile walk with the soul sister of mine who invited me up to stay. It didn’t matter how late I was up the night before, there was something so inviting and motivating to be out in the gorgeous environment in the early hours of the day.

I know there is so much I desire to achieve and it doesn't just happen through waiting for it. We've got to take the intentional inspired action toward the outcome we desire.

I had been so on top of things before meeting my twin in Goa, then came the activation phase wherein all of both our shadows were, well, activated. It’s been challenging AF to get back to where I was… I’m well on my way, though, with an ever expanding understanding of my own self love empowerment journey, now being experienced as a twin flame journey, too. Oh, goody, lol.

Being up there in so much nature was so liberating... it certainly provided a deeper support in the increase of my awareness and strength toward letting go, to completely surrender and allow for more flow. All the countless signs I was getting up there were gently nudging me lovingly into a more peaceful place. I fully understand and have experienced countless times what it means to align yourself with what you desire... and the biggest part of the steps to getting what you want is to LET GO. The more and tighter we hold onto something, not only does it keep us in lack but it also keeps our desires forever out of our reach. Only we each stand in the way of what we so deeply desire.

Thus and therefore, it is each our own selves we must be most focused on... discovering and reconnecting with our true selves. For me, it's how my twin flame ever even came into my life. I was deep into my own self love empowerment journey, eagerly giving life to the creation that is my Empowerment Experiences Coaching Business and discovering at the deepest levels who I am and why I'm here. Oh the big massive plans and visions I had for just myself and my business.... none of which included a man.

Yet, there is always so much more depth to discover.... and the twin flame journey has awakened and taken me to a level I never comprehended could exist, and yet it does. It may get excessive for me saying this, but say again I must, I didn't even believe in twin flames when he and I met. It was nine months after our initial connecting online and nearly 6 months after we met in Goa, India that the Universe let me know LOUD AND CLEAR that this is what we are.

And, oh did I ever get caught up in this connection before I even knew the type of connection it was as old patterns came to distract me from my own path as they had in long ago relationships. And these patterns of sabotage sure did a DAMN good job this time. Why? So I could come to see them and therefore shift them. To clear them so to no longer perpetuate them as they certainly do not align with unconditional love....the ultimate embodiment for twin flames, lightworkers and starseeds in general.

Yet it's been challenging AF to do this soul work feeling so trapped in a dense city valley with little opportunity for truly connecting with nature - - so much so as to feel immersed and purified fully.

Growing up in the sticks of Kansas afforded me such refuge, even spending more of my time in the solitude of the countryside than with my family. There is just something about trees, grass and all the LIFE one experiences in such an environment that supports my connection with all and ME.

This weekend allowed me to achieve a much deeper connection with myself and this earth. And, in turn, to grow closer to fully emobodying uncondional love for myself, my twin and all that is this universal experience.

It granted me a deeper awareness so to be expanding even more into my purpose for being in this world.... no matter where my twin is and what he is doing. I know very well the power of our connection through our energy, emotions and telepathy. And I am now focused on honing this through meditation and intentional practicing. I’m even studying astral projection.

I confess, it's been a tough AF twin flame journey that's been spent with our shadows being revealed and needing to be processed, shifted and healed. We've come together then back apart as each thick layer has been painfully peeled off like a bandaid that's been left stuck on skin for so long that when it gets ripped off, it certainly takes a chunk of you with it. This is the purging process of that which is incompatible with the New Earth, 5D, unconditional love.

It is such a challenge to know of this connection, how deeply I feel and how certain I am there could never be another with whom I’d want to share in this journey. It is a challenge in my illusionary fears that IF I do completely let go, I WILL FORGET HIM or even and especially that he will forget me. I can see so deeply this fear comes from the lifetimes spent forgetting who I was and AM, and who he and I are together. That if I let it go, it - this union - will not come, this which I KNOW is supposed to be as it IS the destiny of twin flame souls. I have spent so much time in my doubt, asking the Universe so much for sign after sign to continue to affirm the truth of us. I hear so often in my mind that - - I wasn't looking. I didn't even believe in twin flames until YOU, Universe, flooded my existence with signs as my love and I were spiraling seemingly aimlessly through that which is a dark night of the soul so intense that is made all the ones I'd experienced previously appear as a fucking walk in the park.

It was in this time the Universe, my Higher Self, declared that I needed to know the truth about myself, Arvi and us being twin flames. What was incredible to me was to discover a few months later that I'd even written the term TWIN FLAME in the journal I started keeping of us when the activation between us was initiated.... heart and solar plexus chakras vibrating in a way I had never in all my existence experienced. I still have no recollection of writing “twin flame” in that journal entry before we ever met in Goa.

It is so true.... it really does feel like coming HOME when you meet your twin flame, even if you didn't even know about or believe such a thing existed. This is to inspire each of us to come into the awareness that it's time to come home to ourselves.... I've come to know as I've so deeply immersed and practically drowned myself in twin flame learning that the only way home and into union is to go WITHIN.... to come home to ourselves as we are our twin. This is why we find ourselves CHASING, grasping and longing to be WITH HIM because in truth, we are trying to run away from our own selves, from doing the necessary inner work on our own shadows. That only by going within and connecting with ourselves do we truly connect with our twin.

In order to come into and STAY in union, we each must be able to maintain our energetic frequency attuned to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Otherwise, we are out of alignment with ourselves, each other and Source.

I know how challenging this is… oh, do I ever… yet I KNOW IT CAN BE DONE. I am so grateful to be one who understands how energy works. Am I perfect at it? Hell no! LMAO! I’m HUMAN here, too, even though I am a Lightworker, a Starseed. I’m here to learn, grow and expand into my power, too, which I’ve been doing for years now. It just never fails that we find ourselves being confronted with our inner shadows as they seek to destroy a vision aligned with love. Soul is light and love, ego is darkness and fear. This is a world of duality and only as we learn to embrace ALL of it will we truly begin to fully step into our power.

We need the dark to find our light…. we need the pain and suffering so to know joy and peace… we need to face our fear so to discover unconditional love. Fear is an absence of love as they vibrate at two entirely different frequencies. (Check out the Emotional Frequency Scale online.)

And letting go of something we want so much is rooted in immense fear… fear of loss, abandonment and being in lack. The only thing that can heal this is to learn to surrender to unconditional love, to practice intentional love for ourselves and each other, to lean into trusting the Universe in that everything is divine and according to plan…. Because IT IS.

And it's up to each of us to allow ourselves to change our perspective and our beliefs so that we DO see and believe in this truth.

Isn't it time for a true and lasting change?

For further support and guidance, subscribe to my YouTube Channel at Empowerment Experiences.

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