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True change begins when you           to truly change.


A perfectly imperfect Goddess of Self Love and Self Empowerment, Creator and Coach of Empowerment Experiences, Rachelle Richard continues to learn the immense power of self-love as life gets better and better with each passing day, especially since discovering she is a TWIN FLAME Goddess. What an adventure THAT has been!


A magnetizing personality who has a past that contradicts her optimism and positive energy, she is a super short haired blonde badass ~ often in glasses and sometimes in her favorite Indian Goddess Wear ~ who has risen above a past of trauma, abuse, addiction, anxiety and depression to find the greatest gift she’s ever known – her journey of awakening into true self love empowerment.

Embracing a clarified path and passionate vision, Rachelle is focused on one thing – to help guide women just like you into and through your twin flame journey of awakening to find your power in every moment so you can rise and thrive into all that your soul is calling your toward, including and especially twin flame union.... which is UNION WITHIN.

You are, after all, a MF Twin Flame Goddess and the only way to come into union with your twin - or align with anything you desire - is to come home to union within.

Rachelle Richard
Self Love Empowerment Coach
Creator of Healing Twin Flames
with Empowerment Experiences

Read a more extensively detailed account of Rachelle's journey right here on her blog!

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