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Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed on your twin flame
self love empowerment journey because those around you just don't understand and you're afraid to even bring it up?

Are you longing for a supportive and embracing tribe of Soul Awakening, Lightworker, Twin Flame and more Goddess sisters sharing in this often confusing, frustrating and excruciating AF experience?

Are you ready to break through the blockages that have been holding you back from rising and thriving into the Divine Feminine Goddess Rising that is the true you?

Then keep reading....

Are you seeing you've been stuck in experiencing toxic cycles and patterns of abusive behaviors in your Self and so of course in your twin flame/soulmate or ANY  connection but keep having other experts on this journey continue to tell you to stick it out and accept the behavior because this is your twin flame or your sibling or such?

Are you ready to harness the REAL power of the twin flame mirror by looking deep within your Self and past all the illusions you've been using to disguise that which you are afraid to see and accept rather than continue pointing the finger at your counterpart? (Ouch, right!?)

Have you been searching for the painful AF yet very TRUE answers about what the fuck to do if or when he NEVER comes back after YEARS and YEARS?!?

How do you even begin processing and
healing through THAT?!?


Among Twin Flame Goddess sisters also on this journey
who are looking to break free from the toxicity and self sabotaging twin flame trap, too, because the pain is just
no longer something any you are willing to bear.


My name is Rachelle Richard.
And I was once there, too.

I was even already growing a self love empowerment coaching business and was someone who didn't even believe in the concept of twin flames when I met mine more than four years ago on September 20, 2018.

I was certainly NOT looking for ANY romantic relationship.
I was a passion-filled woman on a mission (as I am
again!) to fulfill all that was and is my Soul's calling.

Yet this connection I could not describe was able to call me all the way to the other side of the world to come together with him. I didn't even own a passport nor had a penny to spend on such an expensive trip. The Universe cleared the path and I was there and back in LESS THAN 90 DAYS.

Less than four "feels like a lifetime" years later, he just welcomed his first baby quota per his forced arranged marriage less than 11 months ago.
Number two will be coming soon.

So what do you do then, Goddess??


And that is EXACTLY what I have been doing on my
Twin Flame Self Love Empowerment Journey
just as I'm eager to support you in doing in YOURS!

I know now it was all supposed to be
exactly as it has been to get to my deeper mission of
that which is this Healing Twin Flames movement...
it's very core being to HEAL THE ATTACHMENT
to something outside of you through claiming your power
and learning to expand the love for YOU within you.

It's about breaking free of the twin flame trap keeping you stuck in self sabotaging cycles, patterns and beliefs blocking you from living your fullest happiest life.

And as I am SOO much better, stronger, wiser and
more empowered than I have ever been having been breaking free and fully resting in the peace and joy of having detached my from my twin flame counterpart, I am more sure of my own Soul purpose and twin flame mission than I have ever been.
(Even letting LOVE in through an AMAZING soulmate connection!! You be can, too!!!)

Here to support and guide YOU into and through finding YOUR power on this journey.

Which is why I have been led to add to this group experience not only a 2-3 HOUR LIVE ZOOM GROUP COACHING SESSION EVERY OTHER MONTH that supports you in honing in on what currently is coming up to be healed so you can break through the blockage and into rising and thriving buuuutttt...

There's NOW included such incredibly powerful and life shifting experiences such as a nearly month long Manifesting Moon Ritual that includes TWO Moon Rituals on Zoom and coming soon is the very Vision Board Experience that STARTED it all, months before Empowerment Experiences came fully into fruition!!! All that and more all experience within the embracing support in the Tribe itself!!

AND, you certainly are not expected to do it all your Self, navigating the landmines of this so often excruciating AF healing journey of stepping out of the old and into the new. 

That's why I'm excited AF to bring this group back to life on this whole new level of having further ASCENDED through the layers of this expansion journey to include this monthly guidance PLUS the powerful space to work through every bit with others also breaking through blockages.

Which is also why the group is STILL called the

It's now a whole new version of itself
~ a better, more true and ASCENDED version ~
just as we all are and are continuing to become.

You'll certainly do better in healing and shift more quickly when being surrounded by others who actually GET IT ~
ALL of it ~ so you'll for sure keep more sure-footed
on the path toward the better feeling, more empowered RISING and THRIVING YOU that you're ready to step into.

I'm certainly not expecting you to
just take my word for it either...

Here's what's been said
about the kind of support and space
I create and provide for Goddesses in
my groups and community as a whole ~~


Rise and Thrive Tribe
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Screenshot 2021-07-06 12.48.31.png


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Yes, this group has existed before... as a FREE and PUBLIC place that, despite my and the Goddess members' best efforts, fake, scam and spammer accounts regularly made their way into the group.

There was even a vile individual who came in and simply vomited horrible things about the journey, their counterpart and so much more. It created so much distress that one of my one on one clients rang the URGENT bell so I could address it immediately!

It is ALWAYS my intention to create
spaces and containers that are safe and secure
(in all the ways it can be!), inspiring and insightful, supportive and expansive all while making sure
it's liberating and fun as a MF!!
(It's how I keep my home, too!)

And that is why I am excited to REVIVE this
deeply loved group and, even more so,
to UPLEVEL it like a MF!

No longer FREE and PUBLIC for just anybody and everybody to bring a bunch of ruckus in, both energetic AND physical boundaries are now in place to ensure YOU feel comfortable and supported to BE YOU!

So if you are seeking a place to be fully accepted wherein you can create true and lasting connections with those sharing in your challenges along this journey...

If you are eager to receive consistent insight from an empowered sister Goddess who truly understands your challenges along with others who can also relate....

If you are looking for a truly supportive sisterhood tribe of twin flame Goddesses going and growing, rising and thriving, expanding and ascending into their
boundless Soul power of self love with you....

is waiting eagerly to embrace

R&T Tribe ASCENDED square cropped.png

And it's
just $55.55
to join TODAY!

Take me to my tribe!

BONUSES AND SAVINGS with 6 & 12 month
pay in full commitments! Details here.

What kind of supportive, rising
and thriving fun is included in this incredible group membership??

~ PRIVATE, SECURE group accessed
by PRIVATE LINK ONLY on the most reliable messaging platform! Telegram is proven to even be more reliable than regular phone texting!

~ Accountability, Clarity and Community
for stepping into the space that brings attention to a facet or area of healing needed to break through a current major blockage so you can ACTUALLY be breaking free of what's holding you back from stepping fully into your power and shifting into what you genuinely desire to be living

~ Affirmations with accountability for writing, speaking and reprogramming resistant beliefs into aligned & allowing beliefs

~ Self exploration and discovery through powerful clarity journal prompts provided which can safely and openly be discussed within the protected realm of the group

~ VIP access to all other group events & programs! MUST be a member of this group to be pre-qualified to participate in any and all private Zoom group coaching events.

Take me to my tribe!

CLICK HERE for 6 and 12 month memberships

A rule breaker myself, I believe rules ARE made to be broken whereas BOUNDARIES are meant to be RESPECTED. That said, herein are the boundaries to be respected as part of this amazing Soul Tribe ~

  • Be respectful of others and of yourself ~ the depth of respect for yourself is equal to the depth of respect shown to others. Do unto others... Be the change... Be LOVE as it is WHY you are here as a Twin Flame Light Warrior.

  • No self promoting ~ while empowerment resource links ARE permitted to be shared in the group, to receive an opportunity to share about or promote any of your products and services, please reach out to me directly to discuss options. 

  • To protect the integrity of the group, links that expire once used are implemented for this group! Therefore, in order to join, you will be prompted to download the Telegram app as that is the trusted platform where this amazing group is hosted then you must use the personal link to access the PRIVATE group. Once you have used the link to join, it WILL immediately expire. Keep the faith (literally was just 222 as I was typing this!) if you run into an adventure. Technology (and this entire journey) is like that sometimes. Just reach out and we'll get you all squared away, Goddess.

  • This is THE Rise and Thrive Tribe wherein you WILL find the support and understanding you have been lacking in your twin flame self love empowerment journey. It's time to allow yourself to receive the sisterly love you have been longing for so you can get better at receiving and giving love to and from your Self.

The Rise and Thrive Goddess Tribe

~ ASCENDED ~ is waiting for YOU.






$22 OFF an UNLIMITED number of
One on One Zoom Coaching Sessions!!
(with or without cards!)

6 (7!) months

*PLUS BONUS MONTH = 7 months!!

12 months


Click to commit to breaking through TODAY!

And as we are here to assist with the breakdown of the old systems, you can get an additional 1:1 Zoom Session OR

an another month when you commit to 6 or 12 months AND PAY BY CHECK!!
(yes, that means you would MAIL it to me!)
To make THIS happen, use contact form below!

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