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One on One Empowerment sessions include:

  • Clarity for what is most challenging in your life right now and where your power is to allow for a more empowered experience along your twin flame self love empowerment journey or any facet of that which is YOUR self love empowerment journey... a twin flame journey is, after all, a self love empowerment journey on steroids.

  • Strength and support to confront and overcome any fears haunting you while developing greater attunement with YOUR sacred inner guidance and guiding Self

  • Custom Private Zoom link for secure video session

  • Challenge Coaching to discuss the exact details of the challenge(s) for which you are inquiring and have delivered organic intuitive guidance directly relating

  • Optional/Intended use of a variety of tarot, oracle, angel number and animal messenger cards to give voice to that which loves, supports and guides us, assisting and amplifying my own intuition and yours

  • Any photo(s) of card spread, cards, etc.

  • Additional details, tools & resources

  • ADD-ON: PRIVATE video replay link* for only $22.22!!

  • All items provided via email


Please be sure to complete any booking questions
that empower me to better empower you.
We are in this together, Goddess!

*If you do not want our session recorded for a replay video, just let me know!

I promise you, Sister, it's all for you

and it's all up to you.

Through (now only) a 30 minute video session, we dive into that space of inner knowing, Universal guidance and all things self love empowerment to clarify where you are, reveal your next moves and illuminate where your power is so you can take that shit back and begin to truly RISE AND THRIVE in your awesome AF and divinely unique twin flame self love empowerment journey.

Imagine how amazingly liberating and empowering it is going to feel to finally have clarifying answers to your most burning questions and problem-solving solutions to your greatest challenges.


And all this from someone whom just by looking at, you would never fathom to have overcome and transformed what I have in my life.

Your life is waiting for you, Goddess.

YOU are the catalyst.

Only YOU block receiving what you require and desire.

Goddess, how can you expect to receive the love of your twin flame if you have yet to truly receive the love from anywhere and everywhere else, especially yourself?


The same of your ever-elusive desired manifestations.

The same certainly can be said of simply allowing
your Self to FEEL GOOD and just BE HAPPY.


It's true. It's all you, boo.

Which means YOU have the power within you to change it.

And I'm here to support and assist you in finding,

rising and thriving into that power, Goddess.

Isn't is time to let yourself receive the support, guidance and CLARITY you deserve so you can truly FEEL BETTER as the Twin Flame Goddess RISING that you are?

You already have all the answers within you ~

I am here to assist you in discovering them
and the power that IS in your hands
because it has always been inside you.

~ One on One Coaching ~

~ One on One Coaching ~

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