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How to Overcome Challenging Situations

We are so powerful.

We choose the meaning we give to things.

What we focus on is what expands.

What we think and believe is what we create and receive.

All these things may sound cliché yet they are undeniable in their truth.

Because of this innate power within each of us, we are both intentionally and unintentionally creating our lives and our world in every single moment.

Mostly, we have been doing so unintentionally.

We only need to look around at the results we have been getting and compare them to the thoughts and feelings we have been experiencing.

As such, we have become victims to our own minds and each moment in which we find ourselves along our journeys. So many of us believing we are powerless as having been taught to not speak our truth, assert our boundaries and stand in that which is our power.

This is only a state of believing and what is amazing is that in any moment we can choose to believe something that better serves the outcome we desire.

We can choose in any of these moments to give it a meaning of empowerment and strength or defeat and struggle.

We can choose to rise up and consciously embrace each situation as the gift that is happening for us and from us or cower in doubt and fear as we declare it happening to us.

This awareness channeled through me the quote, it is not a choice to become a victim; it is a choice to stay one.

It is the realization that while no one chooses to be victimized by others, it most certainly is a choice to continue the perpetuation of victimization by our own minds. We choose to stay in unhealthy situations because of the meaning we are giving them. We choose to continue to replay memories that keep us in a space of defeat and disempowerment because of the meaning we are giving them.

I myself have endured and risen through such incredibly challenging situations as: school bullying, parental toxicity, assault, rape, domestic abuse, trauma, prostitution, being pimped out, drug addiction, arrests, bipolar misdiagnosis and over medicating, absolute self-loathing and utter defeat.

Many would say I have every reason for righteous anger, vengeance and other such dark behaviors.

That’s just it….I would be choosing to feel that way about my journey.

And I did for a very long time.

It nearly destroyed my life.

Even still, triggers come up that attempt to do so now; however, when we embark down a truly self empowering journey, we develop skills and greater understanding for that which is each our own journey.

When we CHOOSE to continue to perpetuate focusing on the negative in any situation, only we are creating the struggle and doubt in each of our never-ending challenging situations.

Yes, being presented with challenging situations IS this human experience journey.

After spending nearly 40 years of my life living from the perspective of life having happened TO me, it was through reframing my past from that of defeat and disempowerment into self-love empowerment. To redefine certain words so to diminish the detrimental impact they had been having over my mind and my life. To choose on purpose the meaning I was and am giving to my incredible human experience journey.

The first word I was sure to shift was “challenge” because I could very easily define it as an empowering “opportunity for growth.” To recognize that life really does happen for me and from me. That all I have endured and overcome truly has been for a reason…so I could grow into the me I am here to be and step into the great soul purpose I’ve known since as young as I can remember – to “save the world.”

However, it was learning that only I could save myself because no one else ever could save me in the way that I needed saving, just as only I could ever learn to love me the way I need to be loved.

And this had to be by taking back my power from my own sabotaging beliefs about myself and the world around me. To stop saying things are “hard, difficult and a struggle” and change the meaning from defeat into empowerment with the reframing of the world “challenge”.

This is what allowed me to begin to look back over my journey and at the present experiences to find the positive in them all. To uncover all the ways I have been made stronger, wiser and better because and in spite of all the challenges I have been blessed to experience.

It is what has empowered me to now view my journey as the gift of growth it is intended to be.

Remember, a challenge is simply an opportunity for growth. And as we are all here to grow, you can be sure there will always be an abundance of challenging situations to support you in exactly that. It is always your choice to see each as either empowering or disempowering.

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