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How I Spot and Shift My Own Limiting Beliefs

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It’s all coming back to me now….

Why I never really was able to stick to a posting schedule here on my blog.

Sabotaging, procrastination-causing, limitation-creating beliefs.

Of course, right?!?

I have started so many blogs and then once I’ve gone off on a tangent, I begin to deconstruct what I’ve written. Ends up more like destruction than deconstruction, really.

It would then get so overwhelming that I would end up not publishing it.

Making yet another thing unfinished because of what my mind tells me to cause me to play and stay so fucking small.

My mind starts judging and saying how that’s not important, that doesn’t matter, nobody wants to hear this, that's irrelevant, nobody wants to read this, nobody sees your blog, nobody CARES to see your blog, blah, blah, blah.


Yet, I KNOW this is what I had been and am being called to do. Writing is a lifelong passion. I actually have poems I have written starting in grade school. Started writing a book in high school and made it to more than ten chapters! Then, I stopped. So OBVIOUSLY writing has got some sabotaging beliefs and blocks attached to it.

I let everybody else convince me that I was wasting my time, even including my mother who told me she wouldn't support a writing school because "you can't make a living doing that." Of course, there was also that whole reading my diary then using it against me bit she did.

I assure you, it wasn’t some manifesto or anything. I didn't get to my level of rebel until I got to the college dorms so it's not like I was committing crimes as a teenager living in the country near towns with fewer than 1000 people in them. My biggest crime in college was under age drinking. Oh, wait, there was that whole "smoked weed for the first time and didn't get high that 4th of July" thing. Not sure when I discovered the empowering benefits of cannabis after that first experience. I'm sure AF grateful I did. That’s another subject for another time.

I digress...

Writing blocks.

Sabotaging beliefs.

And the MF power of reframing them.

I KNOW I have touched and impacted COUNTLESS lives with words I've not only written, those spoken, also. I literally have screenshots and personalized quotes to validate this to be TRUTH. Therefore, the Bull Shit, the Belief Systems claiming "nobody cares, it doesn't matter, you're not making a difference" are literally LIES.

Lies to manipulate me into staying right where I am in my life. The same as your mind does to keep you stuck in feeling disempowered in your life, too, Goddess.

Even as it’s the night before this blog post is due to be published in exactly 12 hours at 7:17 Monday morning, I’m still procrastinating. Still, with the thoughts trying to say that shadow casting nonsense above, I am making the conscious choice to FINISH this message to you.


Rather than make the subconscious reaction to not make the changes or take the action necessary to create the outcome desired, I know I MUST be the one to keep taking each and every step out of the not so cozy corner in the darkness and into the light of that which I am…. to continue rising and thriving into my own twin flame mission as a self love empowerment coach guiding other divine feminine Goddesses into and through finding their power in every moment along their own twin flame self love empowerment journeys.

And I know for certain I already have been having such an incredible impact on so many lives. From my content online to my mentorship group to my one on one sessions, every single bit matters.

I have had and continue to have so much feedback given me from such amazing Goddesses since even before starting my Empowerment Experiences coaching business. It has been far from easy with sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles appearing before me. Some powerfully limiting beliefs, in particular my money trauma, has been downright unbearable at times in its weight. (Blog posts coming!!)

You see, though, Goddess, I do know for certain that the only real path to getting different is that we must DO different. To DO different, we must BE different. To BE different, we must THINK different. We must reprogram, relearn, rewrite the beliefs, views and perspectives we hold that contradict what we desire.

Clearly, I desire to have an impact in this world on a massive scale.

I am being called to be OUT THERE in the world shining bright my unique MF light.

I LOVE to write and teach others what it is I’ve come to know about going from feeling powerless to feeling powerful.

And I’m going to teach you that it ALL begins inside you.

Because IT DOES.

It ALL begins with you making the conscious choice to make a conscious change.

Just as I am making the conscious choice to finish this damn blog post AND to post one EVERY MONDAY MORNING at 7:17am Arizona time.

Just as I am making the conscious choice to eat less sugar and do more yoga, drink less powder mix chai and more alkaline spring water, sit less doing work and do more working out, think fewer negative thoughts and way more positive thoughts, focus less on what has happened and more on what I am choosing to create, look where my power is rather than where it cannot be found.

This is how we do it, Goddess.


Through one present moment at a time, one conscious decision at a time.

What do you desire to experience, Goddess?

And then what are the changes that are needed in your life to align with that vision?

Are you not quite sure where to begin to align with what you desire?

Are you uncertain on how to shift certain beliefs?

Do you feel overwhelmed with your twin flame journey and unable to make a decision as to what to do or who to listen to?

This is what I’m here for…. to guide you through how to tune in and listen to YOU.

Each and every one on one intuitive clarity coaching session with me is powerfully profound. First, I listen. I want to hear what you have to say about what is weighing you down, the challenge you just can’t quite seem to shift through. Then, as that energy is released from you and you are ready to receive that which I have been chosen to give, the intuitive coaching messages begin. For the last 30 minutes of our call, we consult with the cards and so fucking amazing that every time the cards ECHO the coaching.

I LOVE doing my 75 minute Intuitive Clarity Coaching Sessions!

And I’m CERTAIN you will LOVE the empowerment experience of one, dear Goddess.

No matter what has got you stuck and feeling powerless, I’ve been brought into your life divinely to be the messenger, a guide for you to be empowered with how to look for and find your power in every moment.

So, start with the self discovery questions in this blog ~

  1. What do you desire to experience?

  2. What are the changes needed in your life to align with that vision?

Then, consciously begin to make the changes necessary, bit by bit by bit.

When things get too overwhelming, become too challenging, start by actually taking the action to schedule a session with me or SOMEBODY to guide you. Otherwise, believe me, Goddess, you’ll stay stuck. All my greatest shifts have been happening WITH a coach, guide, mentor.

Click here to claim one (or multiple empowerment sessions) of a limited number of sessions available.

I’ll see you soon, Goddess.

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