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~ My Officially Unoffical Bio ~ Part Two

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

This is where I finally began to ALLOW myself to RECEIVE.

And I mean, receive AMAZING things. EMPOWERING things that would assist in the revealing of myself unto myself and the power that has always been inside me.

From essential oils to self development seminars.

From visualization to meditation. Affirmations to manifestation.

From tarot cards to oracle cards.

From studying empaths and energy to mindset and emotional frequency.

I have not gotten from where I was to where I am overnight or painlessly.

In fact, it was several years into my awakening journey when I finally was led to create Empowerment Experiences. That story in itself was pretty divine in its unfolding. It certainly was not without experiences that would empower me to step into the mission I had known I was here for since as young as I could remember. Challenges every step of the way.

The biggest one was the appearance of HIM.

Empowerment Experiences was formed January 21, 2018.

My twin flame crash landed into my life on September 20, 2018.

How next level fucking perfect for a self love empowerment coach to find herself in such a powerful AF connection as that which is a twin flame. And I didn’t even believe in the concept until I was confronted with the awareness that he and I were nearly nine months into our journey.

The summer before Empowerment Experiences was even formed, I had seen a social media image that said we each are our own twin flames. That twin flame love is self love. I knew nothing much of the twin flame concept before that.

I honestly hadn’t cared to. I was eager, ready and excited AF to build my independent self love empowerment coaching empire and live an amazing life just me, myself and I.

Building online puts you in front of all kinds of people, including those that mirror our less than pleasing beliefs we have about certain aspects of this experience. That for me included men who were despicable perverts or scam artists out for my money.

After receiving completely inappropriate photos in messenger from a couple of them aggravated by one with whom I’d even actually spoken to about bringing my initial superpower program to his country to empower his community, weeks later started guilting me to send money.

I decided that as I had no need for men on any level except for the short list of very privileged few I call brothers, every last one of them would be blocked and I’d accept no more friend requests from any men as they were not at all who I was online to connect with.

A few months later, that would all change.

I wasn’t looking to be with a man. With all I had endured and the negative beliefs I held about men, I truly desired to create for myself a peaceful single solitary life. A no drama, no bullshit life out in the countryside near Cottonwood, Arizona with a house full of foster cats, building my self love empowerment coaching business.

It was around the end of August or beginning of September 2018 when a soul sister of mine and I sat together in my office creating checklist-style vision boards. I wish I had a photo to show you however I can assure you with absolute certainty there were really just two lists…. one for my business and the other for my personal. Nowhere on there was a notation for a relationship, soulmate or any such romantic heartbreaking nonsense. I wanted peace and MF quiet.

There I was, building my business online, excited about what I was creating, minding my own damn business when it was like a MF freight train came barreling through and flipped my lunch tray over.

Ok, well not at first….

It started with accepting his friend request on Facebook. A move I will probably forever remember how I felt as I sat there dumbfounded at having hit that confirm button. I had not accepted any male friend requests for MONTHS and couldn’t understand why I suddenly would accept his.

Yet I did.

In my shock, I left it alone and went back to my work.

A few hours later, I picked up my cell phone to make a call to discover it being exactly 1:11pm. Being divine signs obsessed, I snapped a screenshot.

I unlocked my screen and opened my Messenger to discover a message from him. I couldn’t even fathom why I would even want to have a conversation with him. I didn’t have the time or energy. I wasn’t ready for it so I ignored it.

I intentionally ignored it until October 3rd when I could finally no longer stand the incessant tugging inside for me to reply to him. So I finally did.

The power of the connection was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.

So powerful that not only did I move a sun-fading chair and ottoman from my living room out onto my porch to create a special place just so I could spend time with him, I had my flights booked to meet him in person by the end of the month….in Goa, India.

Neither one of us could explain what we were feeling. He said such things as his “Geeta says so” about us needing to meet before we got there. During the time there, he just casually says how he feels we have known each other in past lives.

I called him my “soulmate life partner” since I wasn’t yet believing in twin flames but at the same time feeling the intensity of the connection.

I had to do so much fucking work on myself to actually get on that plane flying from Phoenix, Arizona to Newark, New Jersey. So much journaling, tarot and oracle cards, signs and synchronicities that I relied upon to help me to navigate this crazy unknown journey I was on.

Remember, that 1:11 screenshot? It reappeared just over a month later at the end of November when I was in one of the many self sabotaging places ready to cancel the trip and let myself believe I was out of my fucking mind for even considering such insanity. He was, after all, more than 17 years younger than me and on the other side of the world. I’d barely had my passport maybe two weeks and had yet to get my Indian Visa.

So much about our journey to Goa was divinely guided… me following the signs and intuitive hits all along the way. Even the date of my arriving in India has powerful meaning in addition to getting there less than 4 months after accepting his friend request.

The trip from concept to completion took less than 90 days.

Flights were booked on October 30, 2018.

I got on the plane January 13, 2019 and stepped foot on Indian soil January 15th local time (January 14th Arizona time, which was the EXACT date I manifested it to be!!).

We have two Facebook Lives we did from both our room and the rooftop lounge bar.

We both got on our respective flights back to our homes on January 22, 2019.

90 of the fastest days of my MF life. It is now YEARS later since that life enhancing best idea ever trip happened. And it has been, even still, one hell of a ride.

While we are still manifesting our second physical reunion since that trip, we have finally been navigating ourselves out of the treacherous path of twin flame separation into a union of its own unique nature.

Having learned with absolute certainty that a twin flame journey IS a self love empowerment journey, I am sure that if I didn’t already have the incredible self love empowerment foundation, I probably would have lost my fucking mind for real with this twin flame stuff. This is no walk in the MF park. I wouldn’t want to fathom attempting to navigate this twin flame journey without the wisdom I possess from already being fully aware that I am on a self love empowerment journey.

Remember, I didn’t even believe in twin flames when I met him. It wasn’t until nine months into our journey that I could no longer hide from the concept of twin flames as it was suddenly made abundantly clear that he and I are with absolute certainty twin flames.

From then on, I researched and discovered such an abundance of contradictory information out there that I had to really learn to be discerning and limit myself to only a short list of mentors whose ba