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“You helped me accomplish things I would have avoided.”​


—  Barb

“This has changed my life and will help so many women out there!”​


—  Trina

—  Janora

“I told my husband about this group and he told me... please keep listening to them, it is changing our lives.”​


“This group has helped me in ways I didn't even know possible!!”​


—  Tanya

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Manifesting with Self Love

Newly launching as a LIVE 8 week Bootcamp NEXT MONTH, this intensive will empower you with deeper love and trust, heightened intuition, a clarified vision, the mindset shifts and energetic practices to align with  receiving your manifestations!

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I am manifesting!

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Journaling for Clarity

Journal your life from chaos to calm! Did you know that allowing yourself to be free to express yourself onto paper, you'll grow into confidence for expressing yourself in other areas of your life? Discover your unique creator self as you clarify your amazing life!

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I am creative!

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LIVE Group Coaching

Are you ready to say goodbye to overwhelm, stress and chaos and hell yes to more peace, love and even money? This self love empowerment mastermind will support you in breaking through your toughest challenges to create the life you want!

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I am empowered!

True Love Begins Within


"Words don't teach...only life experience gives understanding" - Abraham Hicks

Empowerment Experiences has been created from a personal need for the founder and CEO to learn to love her own self after a lifetime (nearly 40 years) of self-loathing, suicidal tendencies and a subsequent mental health misdiagnosis that led to discovering her power within.

When the mindset and self love empowerment coach finally decided to take charge of her own Self - - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual - - she finally found the path to reclaiming her power and TRUE self love.

Creating a deep trust in the Universe and in turn herself, Rachelle Richard fully embraced her highest calling of creating great loving change in the world by learning how to truly love from the inside out and illuminate the path for others to follow.

The world is our mirror and when we learn to love and accept our own selves, we can then fully love and accept the world around us.

We are all here reclaim our power by learning to truly love our own selves then expand that love from within to envelop, encompass and embrace those around us.

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