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NEWLY EXPANDED Complete New Moon & Full Moon Ritual Process AND Empowerment Tool Kit for you to harness the powers of the Manifesting Moon throughout its ENTIRE cycle!!!


A COMPLETE Moon Cycle Program created to harness all phases of the moon, the powers therein and the powers in you.


Inclusive of ~

  • inner prep work leading up to the New Moon,
  • a powerful New Moon Ritual for the night of,
  • in between shadow work in preparation for the Full Moon Ritual,
  • an intensely liberating Fuck Fears Full Moon Ritual for the night of
  • additional clarifying inner work for sealing those portals of fear and fully expanding into faith for your Self, your power and your manifestations,
  • plus bonus empowering activites for further anchoring and amplifying all these healing  and manifesting energies youve' just harnessed!


With PROVEN RESULTS, this empowerment packed Complete Ritual Kit guides you through harnessing the powers of the entire cycle of the Manifesting Moon with all the tools you need to amplify, align and allow what you are calling in! Shipping AND tax included!


The New Moon Ritual is for  clarifying and amplifying what you're calling in while the Fuck Fears Full Moon ritual is a powerful release of all that is weighing you down so you can raise your vibration to rise and align with your desires.


You will receive an 18 page printout in your kit that will guide you through the complete cycle of the  moon to harness all the power you can to achieve profoundly recognizable manifestations.


Empowerment Tool Kit includes:

  • Empowerment Experiences Journal -- YOU choose pink or green!
  • Calming Moonlight Rays 2oz spray from Crystalline Essence
  • Palo Santo stick & Sage bundle
  • Spell Chime Candles -- 2 black, 2 white
  • Rainbow Peacock Ore Pyrite stone for abundance & wealth
  • Prehnite Stone for manifestation & communication
  • Milky Quartz for transmuting negative emotions
  • Amethyst Agate Geode for protection from psychic attacks and negative entities
  • and, of course, the ENTIRE Manifesting Moon Ritual Experience Guide as a printout for you to repeat the process month after month after month to manifest ALL you desire indefinitely! (available for purchase separately here for $27)



Listen to what Goddesses have to say about the impact of the experience itself after each ritual event we've done as a group LIVE! 



For an opportunity to experience this entire process LIVE with a group ONLINE, click here! 


If you have any questions, please email

Manifesting Moon Ritual COMPLETE Experience AND Tool Kit

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