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Custom Affirmation Station Creation Affirmations Audio | 3 MINUTE MP3

YOU CHOOSE the affirmations & music!


Affirmations are PROVEN to shift your mindset and COMPLETELY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


This mp3 audio of your personally chosen affirmations is created such that I speak the affirmation then allow for ample space for you to speak it!


Even if you're unable to say it out loud yet are tuning your Self through your earphones and able to THINK it, you are STILL retraining your brain to think and believe what you WANT it to think and believe!!


"What you think and believe is what you create and receive!"  ~ Rachelle Richard




With this purchase here, you will receive a download with instructions and packed with nearly 200 affirmations you may choose from, alter or create your own.


You choose and customize the affirmations. You can create and add your own, too!


Select which of the NINE music options you would like for the background.


I will then record, edit and create for you the most aligned affirmation station for embodying the life you are creating.


When finished, a link to directly download your MP3 will be emailed to you!



Your Custom Affirmation Station will be approximately 3 minutes long and able to perfectly flow on repeat so you can reprogram your mind into alignment with creating the life you desire!


When you type into an email your list of affirmations (there is a powerful reason you do this for yourself) and send it to me, be sure to include your song selection for the background music.


Music Selections:

1 - Amazing (LC)

2 - Deep Into Nature (MoW)

3 - Forgotten Place (LC)

4 - Inspire (LC)

5 - Space (LC)

6 - Upbeat Morning (LC)

7 - Our Peaceful Ocean (MoW)

8 - Inner Calling (MoW)

9 - Upbeat Inspiration (LC)


You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours from when you email your selected affirmations after which the creation of your station will begin.


If any affirmations need adjusting to ensure the outcome you are seeking, I will make such adjustments and send for your approval.


Please allow 5-7 business days for your CUSTOM station to be completed once confirmation of your selections has been finalized. Upon completion, you will be emailed the private link to download the MP3 directly.


Visit the Custom Affirmations page for possibly more information.

I have done my best to make sure to include all details both here and there!


For any inquiries, please message me through my Contact page and I'll respond as quickly as I can.




(LC) is musical artist Liborio Conti who offers his beautiful music COPYRIGHT and ROYALTY FREE for personal AND commercial use.

(MoW) is which also offers beautiful music for personal and commercial use with specific limitations consisting of creating OVER the music. (Subliminals are NOT permitted yet affirmations and guided meditations ARE.)

Custom Affirmation Station Creation Affirmations Audio | 3 MINUTE MP3

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