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POEM ~ Find Your Brave ~ POEM

"I am a poet and I know it!"

~ Rachelle Richard

As I am here in a space looking at potential self sabotage in publishing to my blog this week when I have been doing SO FUCKING AWESOME, I realized that as MY blog, I can publish whatever the fuck I want, lol. That said, I've been a poet my entire life. Had poems published in the Topeka (Kansas) Capitol Paper by the time I was 14. Words are my love WHEN I allow myself to express them in the manner which flows for me.... POETRY.

Having been told at a young age that my writing skills were worthless in this world, I have had a love/hate relationship with my writing most of my life. It went from being something that felt empowering AF to feeling like it was a curse to be a steward of the English language.


I also LOVE speaking poetry.

Not just mine, rather all that embodies all that is this human experience.

It has been a way to channel my own emotions through an expressive outlet that is artistic and uniquely my own. It is wholly and authentically ME.

You will come to discover that the majority of my poetry has rhyme to its flow,

This is, after all, natural for me and the best way to express that which I know.

Some of my poems I've been blessed to perform publicly, including this one below.

So read through it to start, then click the link, sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

= = = = = = = = =


With the week that it has been And all this pain I feel within I have been guided this to share With a heavy heart and loving care

For this pain, it makes us strong Makes room for joy to come along And only when we shift this life Can we rise above this pain & strife

So let this pain carve you out Replace with love what once was doubt Know that you are not alone For this light of truth shall be shown

Believe in all your deepest dreams They CAN be real, more than it seems Life is a reflection of our thoughts Just look at it, connect the dots

So when you say what you believe Be prepared, you shall receive Focus on what you desire That which sets your soul on fire.

It may seem tough, sometimes dark This is when we find our spark To finally see what we truly are A beloved soul and shining star.

So, find your brave & look deep within Embracing pain lets healing begin As love surrounds for you to mend Surrender to it, my precious friend.

Please know that I can feel it, too

My deepest love goes out to you

And though we seem so far apart

Please know you’re always in my heart.

~ Rachelle Richard

(written Fall 2018 as inspired by my twin flame love, Arvi)

= = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = =

It is literally 4:44pm right now as I'm finishing this post.

Clearly the Archangel stamp of approval on the content herein.

= = = = = = = =

How do you express YOUR Self, Goddess?

Your TRUE Self?

Explore who you are and how you share YOU with the world.

Nobody else is you and that's your greatest MF superpower.

So FIND YOUR MF BRAVE so you can rise and thrive into your greatest life possible.

YOU are the only one who can stop you. YOU are the catalyst.

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