I didn't believe in twin flames before him. I didn't even believe in them until nine months into our uniting in this physical realm. It was only when the Universe  began to bombard me with signs right after we both pushed each other away as we rejected the mirror we were seeing in each other of things we'd rather not confront. Things we thought were too painful to heal. Things we thought would be too painful to fight for.

Us at the SinQ Edge hotel in Goa, India. It blows my mind for all that had to happen for it to happen. 

Healing Twin Flames

Healing Twin Flames


Before meeting him, I thought I had a really good handle of this whole self love empowerment thing and crystal clear on my mission here. Then he came along and flipped every MF thing upside down. Expanded into my realm of experience things I'd never before known or experienced as I was also being led deeper into experiencing myself. This twin flame journey will certainly do that for you. I've learned very well that it is up to each of us to do the work necessary to create the changes desired and required to come back to ourselves. Remember, the only way to union with our twin is to come home to union within.

So many incredible things have come of this connection as more and more is revealed to me with each passing day.

This is our journey. This is what I'm learning. This is how I'm looking for and finding my power in every moment along the way of this crazy AF twin flame journey. Really truly learning to love myself deeper and deeper as we go along which inspires me to feel more and more empowered in creating my experience.

It is indeed also my own expansion path into embodiment of being a twin flame and discovering that, in truth, a twin flame journey is most certainly a self love empowerment journey. I have learned things about myself that I never thought were me. My soul purpose being revealed to be so much more than I had known before him.

The journey is challenging AF... you don't know who to listen to and so many so-called twin flame gurus, experts and such saying contradictory things just leave you feeling even more confused and powerless in your twin flame connection.

I KNOW this place, Goddess.


I am just infinitely grateful for having a self love empowerment coach foundation in place BEFORE meeting my twin flame to afford me the already practiced knowledge and tools necessary to be continually stepping into my power along this twin flame self love empowerment journey.

I'm here to share them with you and how I use them in my own twin flame journey.

Wait until you hear what my life was like before becoming a self love empowerment coach. And I've only worked through the layers within that go the words put together to complete a short two part blog bio of that which has been my own self love empowerment journey into my twin flame upgrade.

Here's part one, before my twin flame.

Here's part two. (Published March 1, 2021 @ 7:17am MST)

My website just as with myself and my life are going through MAJOR transformation. I'm excited to even be starting to finally stick to a schedule and have a LIST of blogs to write. My blocks around writing and creating content.... WOW... even with having had my original Goddess Tribe on Facebook.

I got so burnt out on Facebook. I have even formed a Healing Twin Flames group, but I confess, it's at the bottom of my list for getting my posts done. I am still working through what I need to shift for that. I DO LOVE Instagram and making videos, especially my three times a week DF Twin Flame Goddesses Rising Empowerment Reading.

I had to take a step back from my coaching period... so I could focus on ME. There was so much happening inside me that I was resisting. This twin flame shift I certainly resisted BIG TIME. I confess, there's even still a part of me that likes to cast a shadow on it.

Even to make me feel bad for the hiatus I have taken wherein I only offered one on one sessions.... even with as much as I love facilitating a GROUP program.

And that's what's coming next, Goddess.

Relaunching my most powerful online program in an entirely new exponentially more empowering structure!! I'M SO EXCITED!!

So, stay tuned to all my channels from Instagram to YouTube to Twitter to Pinterest for when all this juicy goodness gets released for your deliciously empowering pleasure.

Check out my Links to Empowerment for all the paths of opportunity I can support you in your self love empowerment journey. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube and follow me everywhere else! (List on my Links to Empowerment page!)

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