Twin Flame Journey

I didn't believe in twin flames before him. I didn't even believe in them until nine months into our uniting in this physical realm. It was only when the Universe  began to bombard me with signs right after he officially rejected me and I shut him out by blocking him through our social media accounts.


He had officially fallen into the trap of believing what the darkness of this world was feeding into him - - that he had no choice but to do what was being asked... to marry the woman of his parents choosing, as is the old way of his Indian culture.

To marry for love was forbidden. And even more so with an older woman.

My twin flame love, Arvi and me, enjoying our once in a lifetime stay at the SinQ Edge hotel in Goa, India.

So many incredible things have come of this and more is revealed to me with each passing day.

This is our journey. 


And it is indeed my own expansion path into embodiment of being a twin flame and discovering that, in truth, a twin flame journey is most certainly a self love empowerment journey.

My soul purpose on this earthly mission was revealed to be so much more than I had known before him.

Now, I know with certainty that I am to be guiding fellow twin flame travelers into and through finding their power in every moment.

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