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This simple yet powerful download is exaclty what you need if you're:

  • Looking to maintain clarity and focus toward where you want to be
  • Ready to get your life back on track toward where you want to go
  • Eager to have a simple clarified solution the chaos and overwhelm regarding where to start on your self love empowerment journey.


To make certain and lasting change in the overall experience of our lives, we must make consistent clarified changes in our daily activities. Otherwise, we fall to the mercy of our experience itself based on our habits and beliefs rather than being the intentional manifestors and co-creators of our reality through shifting and stepping into what we're desiring.


This checklist began as just a handwritten daily accountability project for making sure I prioritized certain to do's, making sure they became "to done". (My fun little way of shifting the sometimes heavy weight of particular to do's by declaring I'm moving them to done!)


When you prioritize your own needs, you find that some things are far more tolerable when they seem overwhelming and that other things are definitely easier when they are able to be.


I've added a few other important components that I have come to find need to also be incorporated DAILY to truly see the massive shifts and changes we all want to see in our Selves and our lives.


For the investment of less than a cup of chai (or coffee, depending on which you prefer!), you can be expanding into greater self-accountability and self-responsibility so you can FINALLY be harnessing YOUR power FOR YOU so you can FINALLY be creating what you desire.

Daily Self Love Empowerment Checklist

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