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The clarity you've been asking for is HERE!!


Created in a full color printable multi-page PDF so you can keep them tucked away for reference in your journal as you process through what guidance, messages and clarity you receive from taking the time to write what comes before, during and after the Blockage Breakthrough journey!


Three cards to represent....

1 - the blockage being revealed

2 - the healing needed to clear it
3 - the outcome expected

OR can represent past, present and future.

PLUS TWO BONUS CARDS to reveal what you'll need to focus surrendering your Self to or from and the Crystal guided declaration to embody your power all the way through!!



You can choose your own deck OR allow for the Universe to choose at the time your message is ready to be revealed and be Divinely surprised, with supporting bonus cards in every report from both the Power of Surrender and Crystal Mandala Activation decks for even great clarity on where your power is to be found!


The ULTIMATE EMPOWERMENT TOOL, this FULL COLOR PRINTABLE PDF includes a photo of your card spread, details & intuitive messages of & from your primary deck (see deck options!), your Crystal Mandala Activation card(s) and your Power of Surrender cards that reveal where your power for practicing surrender can be found plus any received messages PLUS all your divinely aligned intuitive journal prompts, affirmations and channeled messages with additional coaching guidance from and through me for for you will be SENT VIA EMAIL within 5-10 DAYS of your purchase! (Obviously depends on order quantity!)

Blockage Breakthrough Challenge Clarity Coaching -- via EMAIL

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