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Why I use our photo for affirmations

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Why do I use photos of my twin flame Arvi and I?

Why do I share particular, seemingly very transparent aspects of our journey?

Because OUR journey profoundly and directly impacts and influences MY journey.

Because using these photos connects me with the most amazing manifestation I have ever experienced in my life.

Because these photos are the only ones I have of us physically together and to better align with manifesting it again, they amplify for me the power in visualization and embodiment.

Because my heart and soul guide me to.

Because my heart knows it's MY and OUR twin flame mission to empower others with a depth of transparency so few are comfortable with embodying.

And because using these photos connects me with the most amazing manifestations I have YET to experience as I’m currently aligning with receiving them.

They are motivation and inspiration that reach to the very depths of me and the knowing of my own inner power.

This IS what I am here to do…. It is what I AM doing by sharing the ongoing story of my own self love empowerment journey and precisely how I have and continue to reclaim my power, rise and thrive more and more with each passing day.

And as he rises slowly but surely, too, I’ve no doubt one day, the visions I’d received within the FIRST MONTH of knowing him during several meditations of the two of us living and breathing the power that is Empowerment Experiences as speakers, coaches, mentors and leaders will come to fruition.

This is a perpetual journey. It is a soul journey.

This is a LEARNING journey. It is a HEALING journey.

It is a HEALING TWIN FLAMES self love empowerment journey.

And WOW with so many twin flame mentors and gurus out there that cover the spectrum of contradicting each other thereby making it challenging AF to navigate this twin flame space.

I am so grateful that I already knew the twin flame dynamic was at its core a self love focused experience. The only twin flame image I’d seen before him that had any impact was on Instagram (pictured) that came through BEFORE Empowerment Experiences even existed! And I didn’t even believe in them then! I did not believe in twin flames until nine months after we met on Facebook, nearly 6 months after we met in Goa!

I am grateful AF that I was already doing the self love empowerment thing when he came and upleveled the hell out of my education on the subject. Fuck me… showed me ALLLLLLLL the shit I was hiding from myself.

Even still, he teaches me so much about myself. Helps me to find and reclaim so much more of me, my truth, my power.

I know and so very fucking well understand this self love empowerment journey wherein we each ourselves are creating our reality individually and collectively.

Yet… dammit, I have been stuck in some MF cycles.

Ugh, the layers that have needed shed and the wounds more painful the deeper I have had to go.

Blocks and sabotages attacking both my business and my counterpart.

And, he also has been doing the same teeter totter shit I’ve been doing.

Back and forth… doubt and knowing…

Doubt that it could ever happen.

Knowing that it already fucking did. (Hello, GOA.)

And THAT is one reason why I use this photo of us for twin flame affirmations…. because of the power that was required and inspired for it to fucking happen.

Goddess, you want what you MF want. Do NOT let any MF tell you that you cannot have that. Especially your own MF mind. (I’m a little MF fired up, lol. Make sure you read it with attitude. LOL.)

YOU are the catalyst.

YOU have the power to create ANY REALITY YOU DESIRE.

It just takes mega MF work to clear the landfill of shit in your own mind and body to align and allow for it to happen.

Arvi seems to think it was an easy fucking ride to get to Goa, India from Phoenix (technically Gilbert), Arizona, USA. He sabotages TF out of me and his dreams. Ohhhhh… do I see me in him. Fuuuuuccckkkk…..

And THAT is why I know I must be the one to rise and thrive because I understand “the work” - - the shadow/inner child healing work, the alignment/union work, the vibration/point of attraction work. I also understand this amazingly incredible connection between us. I’ve been hiding it from myself in the same way my mind minimizes this trip. I know he mirrors this, too.

I have proven to myself way too many times to have any fucking doubt about him being my twin flame or the power and influence I, as the awakened twin, have over the trajectory of our journey.

Every time I have major shifts in my about us, he fucking shifts.

Every. MF. Time.

Even when I teeter back and spew repellant energy at him from my triggered wounds, he does the fucking same.

Meaning, Goddess, when I focus on what I DO want, that’s what I fucking get.

And, when I focus on what I do NOT want, that’s what I get, too.

Focusing on things that feel good, FEEL GOOD, often amazing.

Focusing on things that feel bad, feel downright shitty.

Focusing on what you want while feeling good is what draws your desires to you.

It IS how I manifested Goa to begin with. WE did it together. I was just the one who was conscious of the process, tools and techniques that went into the intentional manifesting of it….all from concept to completion in less than 90 days.

I led. He followed.

It was incredible AF to feel that kind of personal power.

And it has been every time I’ve done intentional energy and telepathy work specifically with him as my focus and an intended outcome desired.

Oh, the fucking doubt, though, Goddess. The MF sabotage that has needed to be shifted.

Anything that doesn’t align with the outcome desired HAS GOT TO GO.

AND MUST be allowing in anything that DOES align.

And be doing the work of reprogramming.

Even as I’m finishing THIS commentary, I’ve also just written another amplifying the very same thing… to recognize the power we each DO have in creating our “realities”.

The not allowing versus the allowing…. and the only one with control of the flow nozzle of what we allow or do not allow into our own lives is each our own Selves.

So, that said, dear Goddess, we’re each already creating our own “realities”....

It’s about fucking time to be creating the ones we DO WANT rather than continue living the ones we MF don’t. I confess to having shrunk down with all that’s happened this last year.

Well, it’s time to start BEING the butterflies we’ve all been in the cocoon transforming into.

And I’ve put together the ultimate power starter packed with all the tools and techniques in one place that I utilized and implemented to manifest this incredible trip to India from concept to completion in LESS THAN 90 DAYS.

All the powerful manifestation, mindset AND self love tools and techniques to create a solid foundation for rocket launching you toward the life you desire from union with your twin to $10k months in your biz to living and driving whatever you dream.

After doing my 7 Day Self Love Empowerment Challenge [Twin Flame Edition], I am finally getting so finitely clear on my perfect day, week, month, LIFE that it’s time to move into the next phase with this Power Starter course. It’s just unfolding so divinely for it to be this way.

And, Goddess, there was such a major shift after I'd completed the first 4 days of the challenge. Just look at us looking at each other on the video call from the morning after. I assure you, YOU shift, he WILL shift. Mine does every single time I shift.

Are you ready to claim you power and influence your connection through the 7 Day Challenge, Goddess? Sign up for that HERE!

EXPECT shifts and you will achieve them.

And you can claim access to the Healing Twin Flames Rise & Thrive Manifesting with Self Love Power Starter through the updated link HERE!

EXPECT your desires and you will receive them.

I know I MF am.

The power is in OUR hands.

I am the the catalyst in MY life.

YOU are the catalyst in YOUR life.

Let's do this twin flame self love empowerment journey of ascension TOGETHER, Goddess.

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