The Power of Receiving Divine Signs 5/24/21-5/29/21

As I have personally been going and growing through great transformation right along with so many (if not all) of you as has the entire MF collective, I have done my best to continue in my mission along the way without overwhelming myself more than I was already feeling.

That said, creating these powerful message posts can, at times, overwhelm me when I reach the limitations of space on Instagram. Therefore, I have been divinely guided to begin to upload more of a variety of posts right here on my own limitLESS blog with only a summary on my Instagram @healingtwinflames.

How will this work?

Well, Goddess, that is all up to divine unfolding.

As we both know, all things are in divine "time" and that which we perceive time to be is an ILLUSION. Therefore, anytime these Divine Signs messages appear for you is the "time" you are to be receiving them.

For me, they appear during the time notated in the heading of each post to come.

I know it is my purpose to be sharing them with the world or else they would not speak so loudly and profoundly to me.

That said, here is my first EVERY Receiving Divine Signs blog post which is perfectly DIVINE aligned with the week of my 42nd birthday... my MIRROR year birthday as my birth date is May 24th. All the signs collected below were in ONE DAY during this weekly span... May 26th.

Bit by bit though, we each and every one are rising through the density of that which has been the 3D world and ascending in divine timing into the 5D realm. We each will come to better know ourselves and thus our divine gifts through which we are being called to serve and uplift humanity.... the greatest of these gifts we ALL possess which is the the power of SURRENDER through which we must lead by example.

The ego seeks to control whereas the soul knows it does not need to control for it is one with the divine and all things are always working out according to divine plan.

Thus, when we can LET GO of our judgments and guilt for things not being the way we THINK they "should", then we can truly get out of our own way and see the powerful divine SOUL beings we truly are and be in the flow of all that is this incredible infinite SOUL experience and journey.

To begin this divinely intuitively guided delivery of those details which shall find those who are seeking and aligned with receiving them, here are the messages of this specific post......

From my beloved Brat Pack ~ a litter of four kittens who were my first fosters that CHOSE me at just barely 5 weeks old to then be ALL FOUR diagnosed with the feline leukemia virus less than 8 weeks later. Beginning with Cleopatra Devi, the most lovingly assertive of the bunch with the embodiment of being the "big sister", she was the first to transition on the very date that I manifested stepping foot onto Indian soil to meet my beloved twin flame just 2 years later. She was barely 9 months old. Her time of transition was 1141. Her only brother was Theodore Maxwell who transitioned less than 3 weeks later (February 3) at the same time in the afternoon that was his sister's date of transistion... 114. Their sister, Neja Monet, my little zen monk baby a few days later at 454am and their tiny runt sister the following morning after her at 555. (There is SUCH a powerfully profound story that is their impact on my life and this world. The book is still being written. Stay tuned.) I am certain they are four of my spirit guides who incarnated to ramp up and uplevel the shit out of my own awakening and ascension journey so that I may be readied for when the Great Awakening would begin in the early Spring of 2020.

They have made their presence known tremendously this month... this which is the month of my birthday and the month we met in this 3D experience.

1141, 114 and 454 - - Cleopatra Devi, Theodore Maxwell, and Neja Monet The fourth of the crew was my sweet little runt Rascal Jasper (RJ) aka Munchkin Love who was busy making herself known abundantly just last week. (See the 555 Instagram post from just a few days ago on May 21! THAT was her time of transition which is also the commonly known manifestation practice that I personally utilized for manifesting my trip to meet my twin flame in Goa, India 2 years ago this past January.)

747 apeared as a reminder and assurance that YOU ARE PROTECTED by the Divine thereby making fear itself POWERLESS over you.

717 and 524 ~ Both my twin flame and my birthdates. Even as I began my day, my soul sister @spicychixn picked me up for a quick drive by chai at our nearby coffee shop and as we were pulling into a packed parking lot, the single vehicle backing out for us to be divinely gifted a near front row spot had 4717 on the license plate.

The power in the delivery of the sign for my own birth date was the connection to GOA, INDIA which was where my twin flame love and I met for our first ever physical union experience in this lifetime.

Even as I was receiving the clarity for this very post (which had to be created into TWO as a result!), additional supporting messages appeared from 222 and yet another from my Neja Monet aka Nay-Nay. Literally picked up my phone to discover it was 454pm.

And when I opened the Instagram app to check the 555 post, I discovered the last FeLV+ foster baby that transitioned with my loving care (not in this litter though powerfully special all the same!) making himself known. His name was OBLove (Oliver Bruce) and his major message has always been "FIND YOUR BRAVE" with a primary time of transition at 902am.

Continuing on the very next post was a REPEATED message from one of the 111 signs that reappeared with a 222!!! The major message for 222 is 'KEEP THE FAITH'. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!

111, 1111, 222, 333, 444, 777 ~ 333 appeared multiple times in tandem with the time plus 777 in ONE single moment. The 777 is in the post content with the 7/7 and the 7 comments.

All these repeating angel numbers are collectively divine messages that are CHEERING YOU ON. You ARE on the right path for you could never be OFF your path, Goddess. You only need to let go of that illusion of control that is pinching you off from the flow of divine Source Love to allow yourself to SEE them.

So, dear Goddess, the summary of this Receiving Divine Signs message is this ~

You are being asked to allow yourself to SEE how you ARE being protected, supported and guided. You are to KEEP THE FAITH and TRUST, FIND YOUR BRAVE and step into your MF power so you can rise and thrive on your divinely guided [twin flame] self love empowerment journey.

The shift MUST begin INSIDE you. Shift within and watch the shifts happen outside of you. YOU are the catalyst in YOUR experience. And I am here to serve and support you by guiding you into and through finding your power in any and every moment all along this which is your self love empowerment journey, twin flame or not.... because a twin flame journey is most certainly a self love empowerment journey and the only way to come into union with your twin is to come home to union within. Book your Intuitive Clarity FIND YOUR POWER AND RISE Coaching Session (with cards AND coaching!) at and feel better about your journey TODAY!!

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