The content in this program is for you if ~

(and only if)...

  • You are tired of being unhappy, stressed, tired and overwhelmed with the day to day of the life you are living

  • You have had enough of feeling defeated and confused as life feels like it is already or is about to start falling apart

  • You are ready to explore and experience a fresh perspective on how to gain REAL control in your life

  • You are eager to learn how to use fear/anxiety as a super power

  • You are looking to foster healthier relationships in all areas of your  life

  • You desire to cultivate all things Self -- trust, confidence, empowerment, love, worth

  • You are feeling lost in navigating the twin flame journey, thus seeking to understand WTF is going on and what to do

WHY would this course benefit you??

  • Finally push through the perceived challenges in your path to bring into fruition what you have been craving for so long

  • Receive guidance and support to fuel your vision board and your manifestations

  • Get clarity on what you desire and HOW to connect to the path to bring your vision to you

  • Reveal the path of alignment to receiving your deepest desires of abundance

  • Create massive shifts in you and your life to create space for your goals and desires

  • Experience breakthroughs to put you in a space to truly be open and allowing RECEIVE these gifts of abundance

  • Overcome the frustration and excruciating pain of twin flame separation to finally experience ultimate union

Start living a life you LOVE.

Hello, Gorgeous Goddess!

I know what it is to feel powerless to the circumstances of life.

I am someone who has every reason to hate myself and my life....and I did until I awakened to the awareness of the power I and all of us possess in creating our realities and making dreams come true.

I am grateful and honored to have been divinely guided to step into guiding amazing women like you into and through finding your power in every moment....exactly as I have been doing in my own life.

I even manifested my first ever international trip from concept to completion in UNDER 90 DAYS to meet my own twin flame in person! I bought the plane ticket to India before I even had my first passport.

Are you ready to take control back from where your power isn't to finally connect with where it is and create the life you so deeply desire?

-Rachelle Richard
Self Love Empowerment Coach

Learn how to create and cultivate self-love to harness your personal power and manifest a life of:

~ stronger relationships,

~ better health,

~ bigger wealth,

~ deeper joy and

~ unconditional love.

I'll guide you into and through finding your power in every moment so you can live your life the way you want it.


Touchstones of Power


Your Self





The Pivot



and the greatest power of all is


What it is like to work with Rachelle...

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