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Do you know the sheer joy and freedom in CHANGING YOUR MIND?

How often do you commit to something that in the moment, you wish you would have said no?

Are there times when you "had a feeling" and chose to ignore it only to be presented with an unpleasant outcome?

How many times would you say you put someone else's needs before your own even though it wasn't life or death?


Even on a plane, we are instructed to put our own oxygen masks on FIRST!

So WHY do we still sacrifice ourselves for so many others?


The mind is SO powerful and as so many of us have been taught that to love is to sacrifice ourselves, we are so often drained and unable to enjoy our lives.

What if you could learn techniques and be provided tools to implement in order to shift into and maintain a healthier happier you?

How empowering will it be for you to recognize when your intuition is speaking, to feel and be guided by the divine essence that is truly you?

Are you ready to reclaim your power?

Are you looking for an online group environment so you can attend from anywhere and meet and make friends from a variety of places?

Is it finally time for you to invest in yourself in every facet from financially to spiritually, physically to mentally?

Is it finally YOUR TURN to see if "fixing you" is what will TRULY "fix" your life?

Is it time to gain control over the one and only you can and will ever have control over...YOU?

And are you eager to do it in a safe and supportive environment wherein others are on a similar journey of reclaiming their own power?

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Love Yourself LIVE
Online Group Coaching Course!

EARLY BIRD PRICING until 11/18/18

$444 after midnight

Registration Cutoff 11/25/18
(To allow for Tool Kit shipments!)

CLASS BEGINS 12/2/18 (part 1 of 2)
(Part 2 the following Sunday)




Are you finally ready to learn how to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST??

To learn how love REALLY works?? To love YOURSELF so much that it expands from within to envelop, encompass and embrace those around you!!


With the connecting and discovery powers of guided journaling and meditation, group sharing, essential oils and a vision board experience focused on self-love, you will begin to truly connect to yourself and transform that which you desire in your life!


In this self - love focused module:


  • Journaling to Love Yourself – Incredible exercises and journaling prompts to help uncover the way we truly think and feel about love, how to forgive and shift what’s negative to positive so to create a more loving world for us all by learning how to love ourselves first. JOURNAL IS INCLUDED!

  • I am Fabulous! – Gain firsthand knowledge of how and when to use essential oils, in particular this blend of self-empowerment and ultimate worthiness. Experience a meditative tool and technique you can utilize ANYWHERE!

  • Experiencing a Vision – Guidance on creating a vision board that reflects your authentic self as it shows us our true desire for fulfilled self-love with tools and techniques on the enhancing and fueling the manifestation process. This is one of the four quadrants of the final full size vision board to be created throughout the entire Fundamentals First program. Each quadrant is 11x14 and brings clarity and focus to a particular area of life. (Essential oils ARE included for enhancing manifestation power!)

  • Creative Journaling – Valuable information on how to creatively organize your beloved journal so to provide easy reference capabilities for when you reflect on your growth and transformations throughout your journey! (Creative supplies also included in Empowerment Tool Kit!)


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Are you looking....

  • for guidance on how to get from where you are to where you want to be?

  • for help with finding clarity in who you are and who you desire to become?

  • to gain greater confidence in the decision make in ALL areas of your life?

  • to connect to and refine your intuitive skills so you spend less time "wondering" about what you "should" do?

  • to create and maintain healthy relationships and boundaries with others, including knowing when to walk away and when to stay?

  • to master your intentional manifesting skills for living in the flow as you seek to create the life you desire and SO RICHLY deserve?



Empowerment Tool Kit IS INCLUDED WITH purchase!

(Global shipping will be charged separately once calculated per postal office.)

The tool kit is comprised of:

  • a pink or green debossed journal for the extensive self reflection we will seek to embrace (YOUR CHOICE!)

  • THREE powerful high quality essential oil blends

  • ribbons, glue and poster board AND SHIPPING INCLUDED!

Empowerment Experiences is pleased and excited to present to you the Fundamentals First Program!!! A nine module experiential seminar series created to empower YOU through expert knowledge and hands on learning.


We are all here to help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Are you ready?



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