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Do you feel alone and overwhelmed on your twin flame
self love empowerment journey?

Are you longing for a supportive and embracing Tribe of twin flame sisters sharing in this often excruciating AF experience?

Are you ready to rise and thrive into the Divine Feminine Goddess Rising that is the true you?

Then keep reading....

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Screenshot 2021-07-06 12.48.31.png

If you are seeking a place to be fully accepted to create true and lasting connections....

If you are eager to receive DAILY support from a sister Goddess who truly understands your challenges....

If you are looking for a truly supportive sisterhood tribe of twin flame Goddesses going and growing, rising and thriving into their power of self love with you....

Then the Rise and Thrive Goddess Tribe on Telegram is waiting eagerly to embrace

And it's FREE to join!

A rule breaker myself, I believe rules ARE made to be broken whereas BOUNDARIES are meant to be RESPECTED. That said, herein are the boundaries to be respected as part of this amazing Soul Tribe ~

  • Be respectful of others and of yourself ~ the depth of respect for yourself is equal to the depth of respect shown to others. Do unto others... Be the change... Be LOVE as it is WHY you are here as a Twin Flame Light Warrior.

  • No self promoting ~ while empowerment resource links ARE permitted to be shared in the group, to receive an opportunity to share about or promote any of your products and services, please reach out to me directly to discuss options. Email

  • Be sure to sign up for the 17 Day Twin Flame Self Love Empowerment Challenge as we DO discuss it and go through the experience TOGETHER on a frequent and regular basis!

  • We'll also discuss the FREE Twin Flame Empowerment Confirmation Checklist which comes right before the 17 Day Challenge! The best download for discovering all the signs and synchronicities plus techniques and practices to help you feel more empowered on you twin flame journey!

  • This is THE Rise and Thrive Tribe wherein you WILL find the support and understanding you have been lacking in your twin flame self love empowerment journey. It's time to allow yourself to receive the sisterly love you have been longing for so you can get better at receiving love, including your twin flame love.

The Rise and Thrive Goddess Tribe is waiting for YOU on Telegram.

Here's how to join!


Have you experienced the powerfully shifting
Twin Flame Confirmation Checklist with
17 Day Ultimate Twin Flame Self Love Empowerment Challenge?

The only path to coming into union with your twin is coming home to union WITHIN because you ARE your twin. This challenge will support you in creating a solid foundation of self love for building the life you desire and deserve and aligning harmonious physical union with your divine counterpart.

Are you ready for something BIGGER?

With MORE in depth and personalized guidance and included access to ALL my incredible self guided video courses, join the VIP Empowered with Rachelle ALL ACCESS Pass wherein you get to take it to the next level of overcoming unworthiness, shifting detrimental beliefs and breaking free of the twin flame trap to fully be rising and thriving into the GREATEST space of self love so you can finally create the life you so deeply desire and so richly deserve.

This is THE group program created to support you in fully claiming your power through being open to a vision of love for yourself you didn't realize you had through a powerful  monthly group coaching clarity creating EXPERIENCE.

Start the journey TODAY of finally:
 rewriting your story
 learning what it is to truly come home to union within
 shifting to purposefully create your life
reclaiming what is rightfully YOURS.

Isn't it TIME FOR YOU?

Who do YOU choose?

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