Fundamentals First

This "empowerment manifesto of infinite proportions" is a nine module collection comprised of several professional experts from various fields of expertise eager to bring to YOU knowledge, tools and skills to empower you in your day to day life.

Imagine what your life could be like with:

     - increased self-reliance in many facets of your life

     - greater confidence in decision making

     - creating and maintaining healthy relationships and
         boundaries with yourself and others

     - mastering your intuitive and manifesting skills for
         living in the flow as you create the life of
         abundance you desire and deserve​.




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Fundamentals First

A nine module self-guided and group coaching webinar series comprised of multi-faceted experiential activities aimed at empowering you with increased self-reliance, greater confidence in decision making and mastering your intuitive and manifesting skills for living in the flow as you create the abundant life you desire and deserve.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach, Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Handyman, Martial Artist, Direct Networking Guru, Resume Specialist and more!

LIVE Online Group Course
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Module 1

Love Yourself

Centered on starting the learning journey of HOW we love ourselves with the powers of journaling, group sharing, essential oils and a vision board experience focused on self-love and transformations…
the purpose of this entire program.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach


Nutritional Energy

Module 2

Centered on learning to LISTEN to our bodies so we may feed ourselves and fuel our passion per our own intuitive guidance with the help of a reiki master nutritionist, vision board experience, guided journaling and more.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach, Nutritionist/Reiki Master


Module 3

Modern Basics

A two part, in part one we aim to empower you with the basic knowledge to be self-sufficient around your home with the professional guidance of a handyman. In part two, we learn and connect to the abundance of self care through fundamental knowledge and techniques. We uncover and strive to help you overcome self-sabotaging belief patterns surrounding these areas of your life through guided journaling, guided meditation and more empowering introspective exercises.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach,
Home Repair Specialist


Module 4

Doormat Dominance

Probably the toughest one in the program, this one shines the spotlight on overcoming the victim mindset. This will be accomplished with the professionally guided assistance of a self-defense trainer, intuitive life coach, Journaling and more.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach, Martial Artist

Module 5

Express Yourself

Recognizing the story we have been told and programmed to believe about ourselves, we seek to reveal the truth OF you TO you so that you may REWRITE, embrace, share and live the life you are meant to live. We seek to accomplish this through more Journaling, assistance in rewriting and even speaking your story to help others through their darkness and into the light of their purpose.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach


Module 6

Affirm Your Life

Focused on the awareness that YOU ARE ENERGY, we seek to reveal how we truly change our thoughts as we learn the power of manifestation, affirmation and being open to the messages constantly being sent to us to assist us through our individual journey of self-discovery so that we may fulfill our highest purpose on this earth.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach & a Reiki Master

Module 7

Victorious Volunteerism

Understanding the confusion of how to align with an organization focused truly on the highest good of all, we bring community support and nonprofit knowledge in addition to how to take initiative and truly be the change in the world.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach, Nonprofit Founder, 501(c)3 Community Director


Module 8

Employ Yourself

Work is love made visible and when we do what we love, we are aligned with love and it will expand into other areas of our lives. Through this module, we will educate with a resume specialist, an entrepreneurial business strategist and what research you should do when choosing to partner with a direct networking company.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach & Entrepreneur, Direct Networking  Guru, Resume & Interview Specialist

Module 9

High Vibe Tribe

With commitment to self and others, this module is only available upon completion of the others. Through the program, we are creating THIS... a high vibe Tribe of like-minded positive mindset individuals determined and destined to change themselves and so the world. Together we are strong.

Experts Include: Self Love Empowerment Coach

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Module 9

- - - - - Available ONLY upon completion of the other 8 modules. Celebratory details revealed during the program.

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