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Let’s Find Your Power Together

Here are the details of the Telegram coaching offer that creates a space for you to receive full daily support (except usually Sundays, my sign off day) ~~

Find Your Power in Every Moment Telegram Talk Support - $444/month ($111/wkly) - Includes daily check ins and coaching support through the Telegram app (5-6 days/wk) - real time guidance on present moment challenges that arise in any facet along your journey 

You can expect to receive tools and resources that can be easily uploaded into and downloaded from our chat to support all the incredible coaching guidance you'll receive throughout

You'll have a safe secure fully supportive space to ask/discuss ANYTHING. No topic is off limits.

Gift pricing AND bonuses with 6 MONTH PAY IN FULL commitment!! ~ 

TWO 9 minute custom created Affirmation Stations to solidify NEW empowered beliefs about yourself and your experience!! ($77 each)
LIFETIME access to select video courses~ Manifesting with Self Love Power Starter AND Empowering Empaths Knowing Narcissists! ($54+) 
PLUS, unlimited access to select paid group events including the Manifesting Moon Rituals and Zoom Goddess Parties ($77.77 & $7.17 EACH occurrence!)
All this for $2,555!! That's a FREE WEEK of Telegram coaching support and bonuses totaling a pricing value of more $500+!! (You CAN split this in two payments of $1,277.50 if you'd like, too.)