Are you tired of being overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed nearly every day?


Are you experiencing constant doubt and anxiety about the uncertainty of the future?


Is it time for you to learn and implement a multitude of self love practices that empower you into greater confidence, self trust, acceptance and love?

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We do NOT create change in this planet any other way than from WITHIN ourselves.

This incredible opportunity will provide you with...

💖 THREE 2 HOUR monthly LIVE Zoom video group coaching calls to guide you into and through creating YOUR abundant life of health, wealth, happiness and love! (Replay links, too!)

💖 Private Chat Support Group for even deeper support in your journey WITH your sister goddesses

💖 video trainings added when needed to support you in finding your power in every moment 

💖 a private access only web page with the Dropbox Folder link and password details, referenced YouTube videos and group playlist and other empowerment tools and resources

Through this program, you will experience:

💖 immense support along your journey of learning how to truly give love to yourself and how to receive it
💖 the tools and techniques to overcome worry, self loathing, doubt and fear to discover and expand confidence, worthiness, strength and courage (from one who has done this herself!)

💖 finding clarity for your purpose, path and life vision
💖 connecting to and developing your intuition and empath abilities for greater personal power and self trust
💖 discounts and FIRST DIBS at any limited space courses and events, online and IN PERSON!!

💖 journaling, mindset shifting, soul expansion and more!
💖 discovering the expansive realm of interesting subjects with occasional expert guests on topics such as:
💥 visualization and scripting practices for purposefully creating your abundant life

     💥 self love and care techniques for expanding and attracting love in your life

     💥 meditation, intuition and empathic practices

     💥 Empaths, gaslighting, narcissists and other Energy Vampires

     💥 Mindset Reset and Mastery for connecting with and shifting into the best version of yourself buried deep within
     💥 Stones, crystals and essential oils
     💥 Manifestation and Law of Attraction 
     💥 shifting, upleveling and ascending
     💥 Chakras, Energy, Alignment & getting into your vortex!

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So, Goddess....

ARE YOU READY to commit to YOURSELF and begin to create the life you so deeply desire and so richly deserve?

Empowered with Rachelle Mentorship Group is guaranteed to provide you with the opportunity to invest in yourself as you transform with the life experience wisdom and guidance of the founder, CEO and Self Love Empowerment Coach of Empowerment Experiences.

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Membership Includes

💖 3 LIVE Zoom video calls each month!

(w/video replays in password protected Dropbox folder!)

💖 ALL content accessible through a password protected page right here at Empowerment Experiences

💖 Private VIP Messaging Support Group

💖 5% off  EVERY course/program (Value unlimited!)



What it is like to work with Rachelle...


Rachelle Richard



From the chaos of destructive self-loathing to the calming clarity of empowered self love, Rachelle Richard has endured and overcome trauma, abuse, assault, drug addition, prostitution, being arrested, anxiety, depression and bipolar misdiagnosis.

In her power reclamation journey, she has learned with EXTREME clarity that life is not happening TO us, rather it is happening FOR us FROM us.

The mind is SO powerful and upon discovering and honing this awareness and power, she has stepped into her clarified purpose of guiding goddesses from the defeating chaos of sabotaging self into ultimate self love empowerment.

Our power is has always been.

**No cancellation fees. Cancel anytime.