This self paced journaling course guides you from the frustration and overwhelming chaos of your life and mind into calming clarity.

Spend more pleasurable stress free time with loved ones and yourself as you discover and reveal a more confident, happier and powerful you. Create better relationships, stronger connections and more affirming decisions along your amazing journey.


You are SO powerful, Goddess.

Do you know who you desire to be?

Or the life you crave to live?

WHY you want what you want?

Are you someone who looks for the negative or the positive in yourself, others and the world?

Did you know that what you focus your attention on and energy toward IS what expands into your world?

Do you know what you want your life to be like?

Is the negativity that surrounds you becoming unbearable?

Are you tired of being tossed around by the circumstances of your life?

Are you done with perpetuating the SAME results in your career path and relationships as you feel as though you are living the same day over and over and over?

Have you had enough of beating yourself up for making mistakes, regrettable decisions and self compromising choices?


The only way to shift your life from chaos to calm and live a fulfilling and truly happy life is through the super power of CLARITY.

Your time has come, Goddess.

Claim your super power and...

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My newly relaunched, 100x's more impactful FROM CHAOS TO CALM Creative CLARITY Journaling Course WILL facilitate so many incredibly amazing positive changes in you and your life!

Imagine turning YOUR life of stressful unending chaos into a flowy peaceful calm.... and all from doing INNER work by seeking and finding greater clarity for who you are, how you're blessed, why you are here, what your deepest desires REALLY are and even more.



This course is for you if you are:

  • ready to get crystal clear on what you WANT to be creating in your life

  • done with being tossed around at the mercy of life's circumstances (because YOU are creating them!)

  • tired of being tired and stressed

  • eager to create your life with intention, discover true happiness and experience clearer thinking

  • done with feeling like shit because you are doing all the things that take you out of alignment and disconnect you with the power of you

  • excited to be the catalyst for better relationships in your life

  • ready to receive all the desires you have been asking for all this time

  • aware of the power of creativity, personal expression and are eager to show up more bold and authentically you in your every day life

Be sure to grab the all-you-could-need fully complete Creative Tool Kit with ALL tools and materials included!

Shipping, too!

What tools and materials??
• pink or green Empowerment Experiences journal 
• scrapbook paper (cut to size) (not pictured)
• ribbons of varying solid colors and patterns
• journal prompts to facilitate the shifting and uncover clarity (not pictured)
• glue and scissors
• shipping and handling is included, too!

I firmly believe our journal is for our journey. 

It is a reference tool that supports our growth as it eases the pain and chaos of the constant shifting, changing and rearranging of that which is each our own life.

We are here to learn, grow, experience, expand, shift and transform. 

We each have an AMAZING one of a kind story to both share and create.

What a GIFT to ourselves and each other to leave such legacies as having EXISTED. 

Even better for us all to be creating, living and loving AMAZING lives. 

 And ALL this requires CLARITY. 

Without such, I have learned so very well that we then become ships tossed around at sea as WE are the ones creating the rough waters beneath us. 

WITH clarity, that chaos soon becomes calm and we find ourselves LITERALLY in the flow of life. 

What would finding calm and peace within do for you in YOUR life?

What drama and chaos would you be eager to become no longer triggered, influenced and impacted by?


It's all in the shifting, goddess.....

Shifting through chaos into clarity in such facets of your life as:

  • Gratitude for the abundant blessings in your life

  • Energetic givers to fill your cup and lift you up

  • The favorite things you embrace about ALL that is your life

  • Your visions, dreams and desired manifestations

  • Letting go of the damaging negativity within through forgiveness practices

  • Interpreting your intuitive guidance from such tools as tarot and oracle cards

  • Setting intentions and creating affirmations to align with the life you DO desire

  • uncovering WHO YOU ARE and who do you desire to be

  • revealing WHY do you do what you do so to catapult you into renewed energy for motivation, inspiration and activation

Rachelle Richard



From the chaos of destructive self-loathing to the calming clarity of empowered self love, Rachelle Richard has endured and overcome trauma, abuse, assault, drug addition, prostitution, being arrested, anxiety, depression and bipolar misdiagnosis.

In her power reclamation journey, she has learned with EXTREME clarity that life is not happening TO us, rather it is happening FOR us FROM us.

The mind is SO powerful and upon discovering and honing this awareness and power, she has stepped into her clarified purpose of guiding goddesses from the defeating chaos of sabotaging self into ultimate self love empowerment.

Our power is has always been.

Gilbert, AZ  85295

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