Tool Kit

We use items throughout the program and they are INCLUDED with purchase of the full program! Each module does include an original Empowerment Experiences journal plus any other necessary tools.

Gifts & Tools

Most of the Empowerment Tool Kit is available for individual purchase! Plus, here also you'll find more wonderful DIGITAL gifts such as webinar videos you can watch anytime you feel you need a boost!

FREE Downloadable
Empowerment Starters

A journal is for your journey. Starting with the basics in the pdf Reclaim Your Power, more YOU building journaling prompts and downloadable files can be found right here!

Empowerment Tool Kit

Comprised of your choice of pink or green journal, a 3-ring binder for all the worksheets and handouts, essential oils, small canvas panel with acrylic paint and brushes set, a mini heart shaped rose quartz and more!

Complete kit INCLUDED with purchase of program while each individual module includes the journal and any other corresponding tools to its theme.

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Purchase Kit Separately

Empowerment Gifts & Tools

Several of the tool kit items including the pink & green journals, 3-ring binders for all the worksheets and handouts (must attend/purchase module to receive content), mini rose quartz hearts in addition to the mini webinar courses and so much more!


FREE Downloadables

PDFs created for easy downloads so you can focus your energy on shifting your mindset and transforming your life. These powerful prompts will assist in that process and journey. Other readily accessible tools are also referenced throughout the content such as guided meditations and angel number guidance.

And as a journal is for the journey, utilization of such is imperative to solidifying your commitment to the positive changes you desire in your life.

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