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Challenge Clarity Coaching
in a multi-page full color report sent w/in 1-4 weeks*!

Three different clarifying coaching experiences.

One detailed amazing AF multi-page
Empowerment REPORT to clarify wtf
is going on

from where you are to where you're headed

and how to find your power and take it back!

Choose below from my favorite all time clarifying card spread experiences I love and am excited to share with you!

One for any and all your clarity needs!

AND I'm doing it for YOU the way I have ALWAYS done it

for MY SELF because I want you to receive the most

you possibly can from our exchange!

This means, you'll receive with ANY and ALL below included in a multi-page full color printable PDF packed with:

personalized intuitive journaling prompts,

deeper clarifying intuitive messages and

empowerment coaching guidance

paired with photos of your card spread,
details of each card -- from discovering what your crystal power is to revealing where your power for practicing surrender can be found, angel numbers, animal messenger,

all messages and additional coaching guidance

will be in it to put in your journal SENT VIA EMAIL

with an in depth video on how to gain the

absolute MOST empowerment and clarity

from any and every coaching option you choose,

within 1-4 weeks* of your purchase.

*See specific details for each reading.
Some time frames may differ for larger spreads.

Why am I creating for you this PDF, Goddess?

Because in order to actually make lasting changes, we have to be consistent in focusing on and maintaining awareness of that which we are changing.

By printing out and taping into the journal in which you are also pouring onto the pages all the clarity that flows through and from you, too, you are able to keep awareness of the patterns being revealed and better able to be healed.

I LOVE doing my journal this way.

And I have since the beginning BEFORE

Empowerment Experiences. It was the foundation

of the path that led to it, most certainly. Along with meditation, visualization and affirmations.

You'll see for your Self in the detailed video I include in the email with YOUR CUSTOM CREATED PDF!

Clarity awaits, Goddess.

It's time to tackle whatever challenge or facet of your twin flame self love empowerment journey and liberate your Self from the twin flame trap and all traps of any aspect

of self sabotage so you can finally start to

break through into the empowered life

you fucking deserve.

Intuitively Guided Challenge Clarity Empowerment Coaching guided and supported with oracle cards, angel numbers, animal messengers, crystals, journal prompts, affirmations and more to provide answers and details about ~~

1 - the blockage being revealed

2 - the healing needed to clear it
3 - the outcome expected

OR it can also represent past, present and future, if you set the intention.

CCC optios
BB me.png



CCC EMAILED 1 BB shop 55.55.jpg

4 - your Ancestors
5 - your Future Self

Intuitively Guided Challenge Clarity Empowerment Coaching guided and supported with oracle cards, angel numbers, animal messengers, crystals, journal prompts, affirmations and more to channel personal empowerment messages for you from ~~

1 - your Higher Self
2 - Heavenly Beings
3 - Earth Spirits

4 - your Ancestors
5 - your Future Self

SGG me 2.png



CCC EMAILED 2 SGG shop 99.99.jpg






THE PERFECT GIFT for your Self or another when starting over such as on New Year's, birthdays and new starts in life after the ending of that which was due to be done.

Intuitively Guided Challenge Clarity Empowerment Coaching packed with all the energy details to face the year feeling truly empowered including

angel numbers, journal prompts, affirmations and intuitively channeled messages for EVERY MONTH so you can know focus on how to flow through year ahead!

Emailed in a detailed 17+ page PDF report!


Choose your own deck OR allow for the Universe to choose at the time your intuitive empowerment messages and guidance are ready to be revealed and be Divinely surprised.

This massive personalized energy report is delivered within 2-5 weeks.


AND I'll be checking in with you throughout the year in that SAME email to which I send this incredible power-packed report!

YC me 2 NEW.png
CCC EMAILED 4 YC shop 222.22.jpg
YC spread NEW.png



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